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Directed By:
James Wong

Devon Sawa, Ali Larter, Kerr Smith, Tony Todd, Kristen Cloke and Seann William Scott
Rated R
Genre: "Horror"
Format Used: Netflix DVD
Contains: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence

Also Known As:
Flight 180 (USA) (working title)


A class gets to fly to some far off destination, but Alex has a horrible vision of death. He throws a fit trying to get the plane not to take off, but all get does is get himself, his teacher and a handful of classmates kicked off.

The plane does crash and Alex is grilled by the police, thinking he had something to do with it. But aftet they are let go, Alex has another vision of death which comes true. This time it's one of his surviving classmates, William Bludworth tells them that by leaving the plane and not dying that fateful day that they "messed" with Death's plan and now Death was going to correct the mistake.

Now each one of the plane survivors are being stalked by "Death" who arranges bloody accidents but the Police think Alex has gone nuts and murdering them all.


This has got to be the dumbest concept for a horror movie ever conceived. Death stalking people, that's not right. I'm mean really, the Grim Reaper or Death has one job, collect or reap souls of people who have already died. I mean what the hell is the freaking' point of having a freaking' vision of impending death if you can't do something about it? Well? Somebody please answer me that? What was Alex suppose to do, sit in his seat with his hands folded saying "Oh well, we're going to die. Can't stop it, IT'S DEATH'S PLAN!" Who gave him the vision, I'm thinking God, and how dare Death think his plan is better then God's plan, if God wanted these people to live, then why did he stop him. Another thing, since Death is a solid creature that can arrange fatal accidents, then why can't at least the audience see it. I mean really, this is a movie, not freaking radio. I would like to see the monster. Finally the ending, which basically saying you can never escape death. If you are going to die, then just die. Even if you see it coming ahead of time, just sit down and except it. If not, you'll have an invisible monster out to kill you for messing up his "plan". Why don't you just stop watching them and they'll stop making them. I mean they must be running out of idea, there is no final destination in a roller coaster. I give this and the entire series of crappers the THANKSGIVING TURKEY!



I couldn't agree more, why can't you people stop watching bad horror movies, this kind of crap makes all horror movies look bad! Death is a servent, he does what he's told, Death is a living creature out to get you, but apparently there's no God in this movie or they would have spared them, stopped Death. Then the last survivor wouldn't have to lock herself up in a mental hospital. Like fatal accidents can't happen in a mental hospital. Any number of accidents, a switched chart could put her in for elecro shock and upping the volts about 10,000 volts. Bam! Dead, or giving her a medication that's she's alergic too, Bam! Dead. So there's protection in a mental ward, it's a cop out. Plus, the one who had the vission didn't survive, what the hell was that? I too, give the FINAL DESTINATION THE THANKSGIVING TURKEY!



+ ACTING (The talented cast did what they could with this stupid concept.)


- STUPID CONCEPT (This has got to be the dumbest horror movie concept ever concieved!)
- VISION (What was the bloody point of the vision?)
- DEATH (Death or the Grim Reaper doesn't have a plan, agenda or plot. He just does what he's told.)
- VISUAL (Hello, people! This is a movie! I would have liked to have seen death as a visical force!)
- ENDING (What a surprise, you can't escape death. Lame way to leave it open for two even lamer sequels!)


- NOT FOR EVERYONE (Be smart and just say no to FINAL DESTINATION 4.)