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Directed By:
Doug Campbell

Written By:
M. Todd Bonin, Doug Campbell and Jim Vines

Linda Purl, Maxwell Caulfield, Stacy Hogue, Earl Holliman and Tracy Nelson

Not Rated
Genre: Horror/Suspense
Format Used: Netflix DVD
Contains: Mild Language, Graphic Violence, Child Rape


Now so far the only thing perfect in the perfect tenant is the word PERFECT in the title. Nothing else remotely comes close to perfect other then a perfect train wreck of a movie. The story follows a woman who as a young teenager was molested by a Teacher and when she reports it, he hangs himself.

Now Jessica is all grown up and the son of the Teacher is out for a bloody and violent revenge seeing that is justice. First problem with his "justice" what crime in the previous tenant and her boyfriend commit to get murdered? This "suspense" piece plays out more like a piece of bad horror. It's a piece alright, I won't say what. It has a good cast, what they were thinking is beyond me. Let's weigh in on what's wrong with this crap factory shall we?

1) Where was the Police? Three horrible crimes and not one police barrier tape or squad car, I don't know what city there were in but I'm sure there were Police.
2) When they found out that her tenant was dead, she just said she was dead, not murdered. Like the knife sticking out of her boyfriend wasn't a good clue of FOUL F***ING PLAY!
3) The female tenant greets her boyfriend with a big kiss and walks into the kitchen and walks out to find him dead and the killer waiting outside. It took about 15-20 seconds to walk into the kitchen and out again. He fought the big football type, killed him and waited outside in about 20 seconds, I DON'T THINK SO!
4) What's with the stealing of the money? I thought this was justice, justice is killing her not robbing her.
5) Danny kills her father by causing a heart attack by jamming a needle in his neck but the needle mark wasn't seen why and again no Police, WHY?
6) The dialog didn't make any sense.
7) IMPORTANT, always check references before the tenant moves in no matter how much rent he offers in advance. DUH!

The ironic part is that I've talked to one of the writers of this crapper JIM VINES, who calls himself the WORKING SCREENWRITER on Myspace. He hasn't worked as a screen writer in like 2 years and he turns around and bad mouths my work, when this is the best he can do. I would avoid leaving a deposit and eject this tenant from your Netflix Queue. We both give this Crap factor THE TURKEY!